The key ingredient in delivering best in class service is the type of equipment we use.




The closed-loop REGENERATIVE AIR SYSTEM uses the force of a high velocity controlled jet of air created by the powerful blower wheel.

  • This jet of air blasts down and across the pick-up head onto the pavement and into the cracks forcing up into the air stream packed-on heavy debris as well as fine dust particles.

  • The debris-ladened air stream is pulled into the large hopper, where the air loses velocity and the larger debris falls to the bottom. A screen at the top of the hopper prevents items such as leaves, paper, cans and rocks from leaving the hopper and entering the centrifugal dust separator.

  • The patented centrifugal dust separator spins the air along the curved wall of the chamber until the micron-size dust particles are skimmed off into the hopper. Only clean air is returned to the blower to start the Regenerative Air cycle again. This closed-loop system means no dirty air is exhausted into the environment only to settle on the surface again.




When you need a sweeper with power and maneuverability, you need the TYMCO 210. With a clearance as low as six and a half feet, the 210 is ideal for indoor and outdoor sweeping applications. When other sweepers may be too large, and small ride-on or walk-behind sweepers have proven inefficient, time-consuming and maintenance intensive, a TYMCO 210 can do the job

Unique features of the 210 include pick-up head width of 78 inches high dump function that lifts the hopper up to 60 inches for dumping into standard dumpsters or tilt hoppers large auxiliary engine that allows the blower to reach maximum air flow power at lower engine RPM’s, saving fuel and wear while decreasing sound levels. Convenient inside-cab, operator-friendly sweeper controls with tachometer, amp, and hour meter as standard equipment. Dump control located outside for safety purposes.The only parking lot sweeper with a patented centrifugal dust separator which keeps the fines and dust inside the hopper. No filters or baffles to clean or replace.



The State of the Art – From the People who Invented Regenerative Air Sweeping
The Model 435 ® comes equipped with features that are sure to be copied for years to come. Designed with both contractors and municipalities in mind, the mid-sized TYMCO Model 435 offers superior performance, maneuverability, operability, Regenerative Air design and reliability. The Model 435 continues to carry on the TYMCO tradition of over 32 years of designing, engineering, and manufacturing excellence. Our fleet of TYMCO model 435’s projects a force of 250 mph controlled jets of air,blasting into pavement cracks forcing up even the finest particulates into a totally enclosed system – never exhausting dirty air as do vacuum sweepers

TYMCO Model 435 features:
A large 4.0 cubic yard, heavy duty steel hopper increases sweeping time 72″ Dump height enables dumping into various size containers. The hopper screen lifts with the large dump door for easy cleaning. Front and rear locking storage areas with a combined 65 cubic feet of protected space for storing tools and equipment


PLOWS and Trucks

The key ingredient in delivering best in class service is the type of equipment we use. From the best in class for our fleet with small – large size loaders to the attachments and enhancements needed to ensure we keep you looking good and safe! 

  • JCB 427 loader

  • Cat 908 mid-size loaders

  • Bobcast small size loaders

  • Bobcat tool cat equipment and additions along with MT85

  • Pusherboxes 

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