—snow removal—

Prompt, reliable service.
We plow while you sleep. 



When it snows, we go!  Night storm? Our crew will get your property open for business. Storm continuing during the day? We’re on the job to keep your lot clean and your traffic circulating. Our fleet of plows covers all sizes for different sites.  Sand, de-icing and salt spreading service also available. Hire a Snow service company that adherers to ANSI Accredited Industry Standards for snow and ice management 


The key ingredient in delivering best in class service is the type of equipment we use. From the best in class for our fleet with small – large size loaders to the attachments and enhancements needed to ensure we keep you looking good and safe! 


Sanding and de-icing

We don’t wait for the snow to cover the ground to take care of business! Before the snow arrives, we will give the proper maintenance to your lot, loading docks, sidewalks, etc to prevent the snow and ice to create an unnecessary headache along with after and when needed. 

Our professional and trained fleet includes sanding units and trucks that are equipped with the proper de-icing materials to ensure that you and your customers will be safe and taken care off. We will keep you keep you looking good but most importantly… SAFE!



Need a driveway repair or maintenance plan for your lot? Has the winter and extreme weather conditions taken a toll on your structures? We offer high-quality asphalt repair services that will decrease the likelihood of accidents while providing a safe environment for your customers.



By keeping it clean, painted and in good repair; you are projecting the best possible image to your customers and prolonging the service life of your parking lot. Re-striping all pavement markings is essential to direct customers safely throughout your parking lot and encourages proper parking habits. Some parking lots still need ADA handicapped parking improvements. If this is the case for your business. West Haven Street Sweeping can advise you on what changes need to bring your parking lot up to code. We use the latest in airless technology equipment and the highest quality traffic marking paint available.

  • Complete parking lot striping and painting services

  • Custom pavement marking, cleaning and maintenance

  • Custom parking lot design and re-design services

  • Commercial and industrial properties

  • Shopping and retail centers