Design. Installation. Maintenance.



We have done a huge variety of commercial and residential landscaping projects and are committed to providing the highest quality landscaping services from design, to seeding and fertilizing, installation and maintenance with Fall and Spring cleanups. Being a CGKA member we abide and uphold the highest standards in horticulture, environmental practices, agriculture and the landscape business established by Connecticut Grounds Keeper Association 


Lawn Maintenance

Good lawn maintenance is essential for creating a memorable impression for your business. Give yourself the peace of mind that comes from choosing to leave lawn care in the hands of certified professionals. We have a fleet of very efficient grass cutting equipment. All the latest model, low emission and noise pollution, Toro machines will guarantee customer satisfaction while keeping a low profile in the area.

  • Lawn cutting and trimming

  • De-thatching

  • Over-seeding

  • Lawn fertilization programs

  • Leaf removal and mulching

  • Core Irrigation

  • Slice seeding



Keeping your grounds look great its not an easy task, but there are times when tree removal is necessary and our team is highly trained to work safely and efficiently. 

Tree and stump removal is performed to eliminate dying/dead trees that might or have already become hazardous to the environment. By eradicating these, you can eliminate a possible blockage of light that could cause for other plants and trees to not fully grow.

This task requires professional expertise and our team is there to help you. Not only will they take care of the trees but will clean up the debris that is left.