Frequent sweeping reduces pollution and minimizes localized flooding from clogged storm drains.

The key ingredient in delivering best in class service is the type of equipment we use.  Learn more >

The key ingredient in delivering best in class service is the type of equipment we use. Learn more >



  • Reduces debris in storm drains & sewers
    The EPA has concluded that runoff from streets is a significant contributor to underground water contamination and pollution in general. Unless removed, all debris on streets and in gutters eventually make it to either the storm drain system and out to sea (and onto our beaches) or into the sewer system. Frequent sweeping reduces pollution, minimizes localized flooding from clogged storm drains, reduces the frequency of catch basin pumping and reduces sewer system loading, especially during heavy rains.

  • Increases Asphalt Life
    Gravel and glass ground into the street by traffic hastens the crumbling or unraveling of the asphalt. A single piece of gravel driven over by a car is pushed into the asphalt thus dislodging another piece of gravel. How there are two pieces for the next car. Then four, then eight, and so on. Sweeping can decrease the frequency of expensive resurfacing and very expensive repaving.

  • Sanitation
    Though seldom a visible problem in our private communities, trash, garbage and rotting vegetation in the gutters and corners can be a health issue. Kids play in and pick up all sorts of objects. (In fact, you probably don’t want to know the types of things that we pick up in our sweepers.) Though not obvious on the surface, rats and other vermin are attracted to accumulating debris, especially in catch basins. Also mosquitoes love the standing water caused by debris laying in the gutters.

  • Aesthetics, good looks and general appearance
    This is many times the first and sometimes only reason people will list. This narrow view can lead to penny wise, but dollar foolish decisions regarding sweeping and pavement maintenance.

  • Reduces liability and injury
    Small objects have been known to cause trips and falls. Slippery slime, the result of standing water in the gutters, can also be a hazard. While sweeping can no way eliminate these potential hazards (even if swept daily) a regular and frequent schedule does show due diligence and can reduce the chance of being charged with negligence. If your kids play ball in the street, regular sweeping may impact your annual band-aid consumption by reducing the slips, falls, scraped knees and elbows.

  • Reduces debris tracking into stores and offices.
    Shopping mall operators have long realized the impact that tracked-in dirt has on reducing the life of carpet and tiles.

  • Trash breeds trash, clean areas stay cleaner
    A study by the Human Resources Institute found that “people had little or no objection to discarding litter in dirty or littered areas” “They also tended to litter where others are responsible for cleaning up.” “It appears that once litter accumulates a reduction in civic pride follows.”

  • Increased Property Values:
    What impression do potential buyers have when driving thru your community? Is the new paint and beautiful landscaping spoiled by the “Yuck” in the gutters? Can potential buyers feel and hear the grit under their tires as they drive through looking for a new home?

  • Quality of Life
    This is a intangible that is hard to put a value on. How do you feel when you take a walk in your neighborhood or just go the mail box? Does your street add to or take away from the enjoyment of relaxing in the front yard?

WSA Code of Ethics  PDF

WSA Code of Ethics PDF



Keeping your parking lot looking its’ best for your customers is critical. The impression that business customers have begins before they even walk through our doors. At West Haven Street Sweeping, it is our mission to keep our clients parking lot clean and clear of debris. Our parking lot sweeping subscription service ensures that your parking lot will be clean, neat and safe for each and every customer. Serving all of Connecticut, West Haven Street Sweeping Keeps You looking Good.


Retail lot Maintenance

Much of our sweeping is services are tended to during the nightly hours to ensure the maximum cleanup with the least obstacles (customers, cars, etc) to ensure the maximum customer service.  No matter the size of your retail lot, West Haven Street Sweeping is the call to make to ensure the upkeep of your space. Depending on your needs it is more then just our sweepers cleaning the lot, we also can power blow sidewalks and corners, hand pick lawn and shrub areas, Empty / change trash can liners.


Construction site sweeping

Keeping your construction site clean not only makes a great impression for your company. It makes you look professional, and shows how much you care about clients property and the job you do. A clean worksite is also safer for your employees and clients and we cover both union and non-union sites.


Warehouse Sweeping

The insides Warehouses and industrial buildings need cleaning as well whether it is just to maintain the cleanliness of the floors or as a preventative for a safe environment for the employees who work there. We will fulfill the need and request due to our multifunctional power sweeper with tremendous vacuum suction for removing heavy build-ups, pieces of debris on the floor or cleaning up after a delivery.


Permeable Pavement Cleaning

Also called Pervious paving is being used as a higher-level design to reduce stormwater runoff.  West Haven Street Sweeping is recognized and recommended by the state of Connecticut to provide sweeping services for pervious pavement.  We will be able to ensure theses surfaces are clean and safe so there will be no water blockage. Due to our seasons this can be blocked by heavy snowfall along with trash, cigarette butts, etc. With our world class regenerative air sweepers, we will ensure a deep clean and attention needed to theses surfaces. 



The key ingredient in delivering best in class service is the type of equipment we use. Tymcos deliver the world standard with sweeping machines and our fleet is all the latest models.